Chinese 18th C. Rhinoceros Horn Libation Cup Achieves $198,000 on iGavel

Elder’s Antiques’ recent Autumn Online Auction featured a number of important Western and Chinese works of art. The sale totaled over $650,000 with buyer’s premium and attracted nearly 1,600 bids from bidders across the world.

3172796Leading the sale highlights is an 18th century Chinese rhinoceros horn libation cup, which achieved $198,000 over 32 bids. The cup is of a deep honey brown color with seven chilong (hornless dragons) scaling a mountain carved in high relief . The interior bears a single chilong climbing just below the lip. Two of the chilong undercut to form the handle in addition to a chilong with furled tails and contorted elongated bodies.


3172799Another highlight is a Qing Dynasty Jade Double Phoenix Vase. Made of celadon nephrite jade, the carving depicts a phoenix with wings outstretched and a loose ring in its beak atop a mythological beast. The phoenix is flanked by two cylindrical vases carved with upper and lower keyfret band over a wide band of spiral bosses atop a band of archaic forms and a lower band of lappets. It was sold for $86,025, surpassing its high estimate of $5,000, and attracting 43 bids.

3172653Another highlight from this sale is an anonymous 17th century continental painting depicting a boy holding a ball and a paddle. Avid collectors competed over this painting, resulting in 47 bids, bringing the final price to $51,600, well surpassing its $3,000-5,000 estimate.