Racing Through History, Children’s Carts and Cars from the Early 1900’s

Lark Mason Associates is offering a sale of American Furniture and Folk Art from the Marcy Carsey Collection. The collection includes several categories of folk art and toys, including various carts, sleds, and toy or pedal cars. Folk art is an intriguing area of collecting because it is made up of everyday objects that reflect the daily lives of the owners. Toys that branch from this area of collecting evoke feelings of nostalgia, freedom, and childhood. In Europe, models of cars were first produced around the time that automobiles were first made. Soon after these models began to appear in the United States. One example is that of this adjustable height Hummer pedal car. At its date of construction in the early 20th century the brand as we know it today did not even exist. Most of the models in the collection are painted tin or aluminum and wood. Some show touching personalization, including this American green painted metal child’s sports pedal car bearing the monogram of the owner.  The below handmade pull toy of a patriotic pig is another item bearing all the traits of a nostalgic toy.

American Green Painted Metal Child’s Sports Car, early 20th Century
Sold for $1,250

American Patriotic Fabric Pig on Wheels, 20th Century

Others show the varied interests of children, or the parents who were buying them. Such as this horse and cart, which when ridden moves by the horses appearing to gallop up and down. This 19th century Cart is another such example, exquisitely crafted with fine detailing, one wonders whether it was more for the passenger or the puller to show off.

American Wood and Metal Child’s Talley-Ho Surrey, 19th Century
Sold for $1,375

American Cloth and Wood Child’s Stagecoach, 19th Century
Sold for $1,562

The last group of these objects are those made just for the joys of riding, tricycles, and one early bicycle. Do you need to ask why it is named the “boneshaker?”

American Wood Boneshaker Bicycle, late 19th Century
Sold for $875

American Wood and Metal Tricycle, 19th Century
Sold for $238