September 19 - October 16, 2012

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Lark Mason is pleased to present The Schloss Collection: Asian, Ancient, & Ethnographic Works of Art exclusively available for bidding on from September 19th-October 11, 2012. The sale is comprised of 160 lots, the large majority of which include Sancai burial figurals from the Tang Dynasty.

Lillian Schloss was the wife of the late Mr. Ezekiel Schloss, a well-respected figure in the Chinese antiquities industry. Mr. Schloss wrote one of the definitive books on Tang Dynasty artifacts that was “very important at the time,” said David Sensabaugh, the curator of Asian art at the Yale University Art Gallery, who also called the Schloss collection pioneering. At one time, more than 300 such figurines filled the living and dining rooms of Mrs. Schloss’s apartment on West End Avenue in New York City.

Focusing exclusively on Chinese art since the 1960’s, the Schloss collection contains many pieces of historical importance. Back in 1984, an auction of some of the pieces collected by Mrs. Schloss and her husband brought in about $2 million at auction at an international Auction house.