Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre

With two fairyland lustre bowls in Abington Auction’s Fall Sale, ending October 26, 2016, one similar that was featured in the below article on Antiques and Fine Art Magazine in an article by Harold B. Nelson. I found the below article to be intriguing:


Figure 1: Fairyland series by Daisy Makeig-Jones. “Castle on the Road”. Octagonal shape. Crisp detailed decorations, 24K gold trim, circa 1917


Figure 2: interior of Figure 1


Figure 3: Fairyland series by Daisy Makeig-Jones. “Celestial Dragons”. Octagonal shape. Crisp detailed decorations, 24K gold trim, early 1900’s


Figure 4: interior of Figure 3

“The Staffordshire-based ceramics factory established in 1759 by Josiah Wedgwood (1730–1795), now known by the name of its founder, became widely acclaimed soon thereafter for the high quality of its functional and ornamental wares as well as its commitment to technological innovation. In this vein, Wedgwood, with partner Thomas Bentley (1730–1780), first explored lustre glazes in the 1770s in an effort to simulate the appearance of precious metals in ceramics. The company continued to produce ceramic bodies with lustre glazes into the nineteenth century—their variegated, silver, and gold lustreware reaching a height of fashion in the 1810 to 1820 period. Wedgwood’s handcraft studio revived its production of lustreware in the early twentieth century, and by 1915 the wares were once again a commercial success.

Between 1915 and 1930, Daisy Makeig-Jones (1881–1945) designed for Wedgwood a popular lustreware based on imagery from illustrated childrens’ books of the 1890s through the 1910s, aptly called “Fairyland Lustre.” The heavily detailed, brightly hued ornamental ware—a far cry from the soberly colored, classically inspired jasperware for which Wedgwood is so well known—became hugely popular in the 1920s as people looked for fantasy and escape in the wake of the horrors of World War I.

To elaborate on her designs, in 1921, Makeig-Jones wrote Some Glimpses of Fairyland, in which she recorded her own versions of popular fairy tales and invented new ones. In one story, Makeig-Jones describes the adventures of two little boys who one day venture forth from home and down a well that leads them to the Land of the Fays. They are treated well by the Fays (fairies), who eventually return the boys to their home and give them apples, plums, and pears by which to remember them. The story relays that this is how apples, pears, and plums were first brought to Europe and notes that, to the little boys, the fruit had never tasted as good as in the Land of the Fays.

Makeig-Jones’s design “Castle on a Road,” introduced in 1917, depicts two disparate vistas on adjoining panels—one, a landscape of contemporary Europe, the other, the Land of the Fays (Fig. 1). The world of reality and the world of fantasy are juxtaposed in ideal harmony.

Usually off-view, this opulent bowl, one of the most serene designs produced for Wedgwood by Makeig-Jones, is featured in the exhibition Imps on a Bridge: Wedgwood Fairyland and Other Lustres, presented at the Long Beach Museum of Art through September 9, 2001.”

It was in the 1930’s that wedgwood, saved from bankruptcy by designs like Makeig-Jones, decided it would go in a different direction.  With a new art director, the innovative designer of the Fairyland Lustre wares was asked to step down from her position.


Below watch TV star appraiser Nick Dawes appraise the above collection of Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre (Fig 5) on the Antiques Roadshow:–200503A51

10 Carat Pear Shaped Brilliant Diamond Ring Achieves $87,000 on iGavel

3179536Fort Lauderdale based associate seller Abington Auction Gallery set a new record on iGavel Auctions with the sale of a 10.09 carat pear shaped brilliant diamond ring. The auction achieved a stunning $87,000, exceeding its low estimate of $75,000, setting a record on iGavel for the highest recorded price for jewelry on the website.




Another jewelry highlight from the sale was an 18-carat reticulated gold necklace, earring and bracelet set. The matching set is decorated with numerous coral stones and several hundred diamonds, totaling over 12 carats. The price for the set was realized for $10,800, doubling its high estimate over 20 bids.




Another item of interest in the sale was a bronze bust of a Roman chariot driver. The statue has only one arm survived and is mounted on a wooden base. The bust achieved $7,080, more than doubling its pre-sale estimate of $2,000-$3,000.

Sale Highlights | Abington Auction’s Summer Sale

Abington Auction Gallery has once again carefully selected an exciting mix of antiques and collectibles for their summer auction. The sale features an assortment of clocks, tortoise shell collectibles, an extensive set of Herend china, sterling silver and bronzes, and is now live on iGavel through August 21st.

3065994Decorative arts highlights include an antique French ormolu clock cast in the shape of a lyre. It is mounted on a pedestal and the countour of the clock is decorated with beading. The dial carries an enamel decoration and bears the maker’s name, Sypher & Co.. The clock is estimated at $5,000-7,000 and available for bidding now. Click here to bid


3066013The sale includes a number of 20th century or earlier European furniture pieces. Of particular interest is a late 18th century Chippendale tiger maple desk.  The desk has a unique design where the desk part folds out from the top. The desk has minor restoration and and wear from its age. It is estimated at $2,000-3,000 and available for bidding. Click here to bid


3066154Another highlight from the sale is a Reinhold Werner (1884 – 1969) painting. Not much is known about this German painter besides the fact that he painted impressionistic landscapes of Germany. This painting is dubbed “A River in Frieberg” and dated 1912 by the artist next to his signature. The painting is estimated at $2,000-3,000 and available for bidding now. Click here to bid

Sale Highlights | Abington Auctions June Sale

iGavel is thrilled to announce Abington Auction Gallery’s June Sale. In their new sale, Abington offers a variety of antiques for every collector’s taste, including fine jewelry, art deco collectibles, mid-century furniture & accessories and a wide array of silver, crystal and bronze pieces and a wonderful variety of fine arts. The auction is now live through July 2nd. For more detailed condition reports on items, e-mail Abington Auction Gallery at

3Included in the sale is a David Burliuk (1882-1967) painting. Many scholars in the art world consider Burliuk as “the father of Russian Futurism”. He was a central figure in the history of the Russian avant-garde movement in the early 20th century. This painting, dubbed “The White Horse” was painted on a canvas board. The thick brush strokes and the use of bright, primary colors portray a great example of the artist’s style of painting. This painting is estimated at $18,000-25,000 and available for bidding now. Click here to bid



Jewelry highlights include an 18K Lady’s Punk Tourmaline & Diamond Ring. Inspired by the Art Deco movement, a triangular pink tourmaline is mounted in the front of the ring. The ring is decorated with 36 princess cut diamonds on each side of the tourmaline, a total of 2.52 carats. The ring is estimated at $4,500-6,500 and available for bidding now. Click here to bid



One of the highlights from the decorative arts portion of the sale is a bronze statue of a javelin thrower by D.H. Chiparus (1886-1947), signed at the base. Originally from Romania, Chiparus lived and worked in Paris most of his life. Sculptures of Dimitri Chiparus represent the classical manifestation of Art Deco style in decorative bronze ivory sculpture. This statue is estimated at $1,500-2,000 and available for bidding now. Click here to bid

Sale Highlights | Abington Auction’s Spring Sale

iGavel Auctions is delighted to present Abington Auction’s Spring Sale. In their second auction on iGavel, Abington Auction Gallery presents an array of appealing lots from creative artwork to vintage sterling, mid-century furniture, jewelry, bronze & porcelain collectibles, fine china, and crystal. These pieces come from different South Florida Estates as well as individual consignments. The sale is now live through May 14, 2013. The following are three highlights from the sale:



The painting highlights include a Jean-Pierre Cassigneul oil on canvas dubbed La Roseraie (The Rose Garden). The painting features a portrait of a female figure wearing an elegant dress and an oversized hat. It is a great example of the French artist’s favorite choice of subject matter. This painting is estimated at $35,000-50,000 and available for bidding now. Click here to bid




Another painting featured in the auction is an acrylic on canvas by the Italian artist Nicola Simbari. The following excerpt about the artist’s technique was taken from Wally Findlay Galleries website where his work was featured before being acquired by the current owner:

“Just as Simbari’s 2959182style in painting is his own, so his technique in painting is his own. He is meticulous and exacting in the choice of materials: he accepts only the finest canvas and prepares it with care; he has his colors ground by a family in northern Italy who have been engaged in this work for three hundred years; he mixes his own pigment. He is continuously developing new graduations of color or new colors, and exults when he has succeeded in adding a more brilliant one to the range of his palette, When he uses a brush, it is only to create the background of the painting, which is then completed with palette knives of which he has about twenty-five sizes ranging from very tiny ones to huge ones.”


The painting is estimated at $5,000-7,000 and available for bidding now. Click here to bid



The sale includes many fine pieces of silverware, including a MRR Mexico 4 piece Heavy Sterling Silver Tea Set. The set consists of two pots, a creamer and a sugar bowl with lid and is in excellent condition. It is estimated at $2,500-3,000 and available for bidding now. Click here to bid