Sale Highlights | Case Antiques’ Fall Auction

iGavel Auctions is proud to announce Case Antiques’ fall season auction. The sale features over 300 items, ranging from jewelry to collectibles, including several estate collections. The sale is now live on through September 27th. Below are some of the highlights we have picked from the sale.

1The jewelry highlights offered include an 18k custom cluster diamond ring. The ring bears a round brilliant cut diamond measuring 7.3 mm and weighing approximately 1.50 ct on the center and surrounded by 27 single cut and round brilliant cut diamonds and 8 baguette diamonds with a total weight of approximately 1.20 ct. 16 grams. This ring is estimated at $2,000 – 2,500 and available for bidding now. Click here to bid

2Selections from the fine art section of the sale include this oil on canvas, depicting vulcan and venus, attrabuted to Louis Jean François Lagrenée. In the painting, Venus sits at left, attended by two cherubs, while her blacksmith husband Vulcan looks on admiringly, resting against his anvil with a hammer in his hand. Lagrenée(1725-1805) was a pupul of Carle Van Loo and mainly painted historical, mythological, and religious works. The painting is mounted on a 19th century giltwood frame. It is estimated at $5,000 – 7,000 and available for bidding now. Click here to bid

3Asian objects offered in the sale include this Chinese Ming gilt bronze of Wenchang Wang. Wenchang Wang is a Daoist deity, known as the God of Culture and Literature. The figure is shown seated, wearing a ceremonial robe and head dress, and holding a hu tablet. The statue still bears the original gilting despite the wear and loss. The statue is estimated at $3,000 – 4,000 and available for bidding now. Click here to bid


Sale Highlights | Case Antiques’ Winter Fine Art and Antique Sale

iGavel Auctions’ newest associate Case Antiques will intrigue many prospective collectors with their inaugural Winter Fine Art and Antique Sale. The sale consists of 114 lots of art and antiques, including several estate collections. Categories include fine art, silver, historic ephemera, Asian antiques, art glass, early American glass, jewelry, English Staffordshire, European porcelain, New England stoneware, early iron, lighting, toys, and antique holiday items. The sale is now live until February 26th. Below are a selection of highlights from the sale:

The auction features an oil on canvas by British painter Daniel Charles Grose (American, 1838-1900). The painting depicts an Indian market streetscape with two sepoys standing next to a river with buildings in the back ground, possibly in Lucknow or Delhi. W. Daniel Charles Grose was born in England and lived most of his life in Canada. In the 1870s, he moved to Washington DC, where he lived until his death in 1900. While mainly noted for his Landscapes of North America, he also painted international scenes during a five-year world tour he made with his wife in the 1880s. This painting is available for bidding now and estimated at $1,200 – $1,500. Click here to bid



Selections from interior design include this unique hand-forged mild steel and pipe mirror in the form of a squid by Robert Sextone. Sextone is an artist, wood worker and blacksmith who resides in Putney, Vermont. The mirror is estimated at $800 – $1,200 and available for bidding now. Click here to bid



Another highlight from the sale is a folk art walnut mantle clock by Edgar A. McKillop (NC, 1879-1950). The clock is in the shape of tombstone with brass bell inscribed San Jaun Capistrano 1775 and tan dial with brass surround and dark roman numerals. Etched in the back of the clock and in the base is artist’s name, McKillop N.C. in ink. Born in Balfour, North Carolina, Edgar McKillop became a well-known folk art carver despite a lack of formal training. His career as a woodcarver began in 1926 when he was offered four black walnut trees from a neighbor in exchange for removing the trees from the neighbor’s property. This marked the beginning of his intense interest in woodcarving, which continued until his wife’s death in 1938. His subjects included clocks, human figures, musical instruments, and practical objects including furniture. Even when working with large, complex forms, he chiseled the entire figure out of a single block. This clock is estimated at $400 – $500. Click here to bid