Chinese 18th C. Rhinoceros Horn Libation Cup Achieves $198,000 on iGavel

Elder’s Antiques’ recent Autumn Online Auction featured a number of important Western and Chinese works of art. The sale totaled over $650,000 with buyer’s premium and attracted nearly 1,600 bids from bidders across the world.

3172796Leading the sale highlights is an 18th century Chinese rhinoceros horn libation cup, which achieved $198,000 over 32 bids. The cup is of a deep honey brown color with seven chilong (hornless dragons) scaling a mountain carved in high relief . The interior bears a single chilong climbing just below the lip. Two of the chilong undercut to form the handle in addition to a chilong with furled tails and contorted elongated bodies.


3172799Another highlight is a Qing Dynasty Jade Double Phoenix Vase. Made of celadon nephrite jade, the carving depicts a phoenix with wings outstretched and a loose ring in its beak atop a mythological beast. The phoenix is flanked by two cylindrical vases carved with upper and lower keyfret band over a wide band of spiral bosses atop a band of archaic forms and a lower band of lappets. It was sold for $86,025, surpassing its high estimate of $5,000, and attracting 43 bids.

3172653Another highlight from this sale is an anonymous 17th century continental painting depicting a boy holding a ball and a paddle. Avid collectors competed over this painting, resulting in 47 bids, bringing the final price to $51,600, well surpassing its $3,000-5,000 estimate.

Sale Highlights | Elder’s Antiques Winter Auction

Elder’s Antiques Winter Auction features the lifetime collection of a prominent Atlanta interior decorator and set designer. The sale is now live through February 13th and the items are on view at an exhibition on February 12th from 12PM to 7PM at their Nokomis, Florida gallery. For more information, visit Elder’s Antiques website at


The sale features three prints after John James Audubon. This particular print, titled “Yellow Crowned Heron” is estimated at $3,000-5,000 and available for bidding now. Click here to view





Asian items in the sale include this pair of 19th Century Japanese Polychrome painted carved Ivory tusks. The sculptures are in the natural ivory tusk form and depict a couple in Chinese dress. This item is estimated at $4,000-6,000 and available for bidding now. Click here to view




The auction also features a number of vintage women’s jewelry lots, including this lovely 18K yellow gold ring. Mounted in the center is a 4.56 ct. Sapphire Cabichone. Rounding the sapphire are 16 .77 pt diamonds decorating the ring. The ring is estimated at $2,500-3,500 and available for bidding now. Click here to view

Sale Highlights: Elder’s Antiques Fall Auction

Rolex Super President 18k Yellow Gold & Diamond Wristwatch

Elder’s Antiques Fall Auction features unique items from the lifetime collection of late Joe Lombardi Senior (1922-2001) of Auburndale, Florida. The auction includes a wide array of items from coin operated food dispensers to arcade games, music boxes, Chinese and Japanese Textiles, Jade and Ivory sculptures, and more. The sale is now live through October 26th.

The top highlighted item of the auction is a gorgeous Rolex Day-Date watch, known as the “Super President Watch”. Originally released in 1956, this model received its name after Rolex gifted one to then president Dwight D. Eisenhower. Housing a total of 374 diamonds, the body is made entirely out of 18K yellow gold. The watch comes in its original box and is in very good, working condition. It is estimated at $18,000-22,000.

Regina Oak Cabinet 15 1/2 Inch 12 Disc Changer Music Box

The sale also features a Regina Music Box from the late 19th Century. These music boxes were popular throughout the 19th Century and early 20th Century until World War One and the economic crisis of the 1920’s. Regina was a prominent brand in the music box industry because of their innovative automatic disc feature, and broad compatibility between their music boxes. After the decline of these instruments, Regina switched their business model to produce vacuum cleaners. This item is estimated at $6,000-$8,000.

Walter Blackman (American 1847-1928) Oil on Canvas

Another highlight of the sale is an oil on canvas by the American painter, Walter Blackman. Blackman was born in New York in 1847 and established his painting career in Paris, where he studied formally under the artist Jean-Leon Gerome. A typical example of Orientalism, this painting depicts a woman doing her laundry by a lake. It is estimated at $2,500-$3,000.