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Auction Results | June 1-15

Selections in our FR3SH category from iGavel associate sellers South Bay Auctions and Daniel Cooney Fine Art in their Photographs auction topped the first half month’s auction results. Top lots include Richard Avedon, Dr. Lothar Kalinowsky, Psychiatrist, New York, NY, 1970 Photograph, Large Asian painted silk scroll, Ber-Ber Moroccan large antique necklace, Annie Leibovitz, Lance Armstrong, 1999 Photograph and Mike Disfarmer, Two Young Men, c. 1940’s Vintage Photograph.


Richard Avedon, Dr. Lothar Kalinowsky, Psychiatrist, New York, NY, 1970, Photograph

Sold by: Daniel Cooney Fine Art

Price Realized
$ 3,720

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Large Asian painted silk scroll

Sold by: South Bay Auction

Price Realized
$ 2,466

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Ber-Ber Moroccan large antique necklace

Sold by: South Bay Auctions

Price Realized
$ 2,280

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Annie Leibovitz, Lance Armstrong, 1999, Photograph

Sold by: Daniel Cooney Fine Art

Price Realized
$ 1,866

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Mike Disfarmer, Two Young Men, c. 1940’s Vintage Photograph

Sold by: Daniel Cooney Fine Art

Price Realized
$ 1,800

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Other notable lots include:

Mike Disfarmer, Young Couple, Man on Crutches, c. 1940’s Vintage Photograph
$ 1,800

American coin silver three piece tea set, Joel Sayre
$ 1,702

Edward Weston, Nautilus, 1927 Photograph
$ 1,440

David Armstrong, Framed Portrait of Christopher Wool, Elizabeth Street, NYC, 1980, Photograph
$ 1,380

Edward Weston, Pepper Number 30, 1930 Photograph

Sale Highlights | Photographs

iGavel Auctions is pleased to announce Daniel Cooney Fine Art’s latest Photographs auction. The auction includes photographs from the collections and estates of many prestigious private holdings, including the Estate of Dody Weston Thompson. The auction is now live through June 13 and all the photographs in the auction are available for viewing at Daniel Cooney Fine Art. Please contact at 212-255-8158 or for more information. Below are some of the highlights from the sale:



The sale includes a photograph by Canadian-born American photographer Robert Polidori. Polidori (1951-) started his fine-art photographer career in the early 80s and won the World Press Award in 1998 and the Alfred Eisenstaedt Award for Magazine Photography in 1999 and 2000. The photograph is dubbed “Senora Faxas Bedroom Number 1″ and it’s from Polidori’s Havana series from 1997. It is estimated at $7,000 – 10,000 and available for bidding now. Click here to bid





Featuring in the sale is a photograph of Dr. Lothar Kalinowsky by the famous fashion and portrait photographer Richard Avedon (1923-2004). A New York native, Avedon started his career as a photographer for the Merchant Marines in 1942. Later, he was discovered by Alexey Brodovitch, the art director for the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar, where he started doing fashion photography. This photograph is estimated at $4,000 – 6,000 and available for bidding now. Click here to bid





Another highlight from the sale is from a photographer that was featured in many previous Daniel Cooney’s auctions, Edward Weston. The vintage 1937 photograph depicts Eel River Ranch in California at a time before industrialization. On the reverse, there are annotations by Dody Weston Thompson concerning a project with E. Power Biggs. This photograph is estimated at $3,000 – 4,000 and available for bidding now. Click here to bid

Auction Results | March 1-15

The first half of the month’s top five lots were offered by Daniel Cooney Fine Art and Everard & Company, totaling more than $45,000 over 61 bids. Top lots include Robert Mapplethorpe, Three Portraits of Ron Stevens, Unique Triptych in Artist’s Frame, 1978Jack Pierson, Eric’s Back, 1993, Large Scale Color Photograph, J. Bernard, Through the Keyhole, Oil on Wood Board, Six Signed Gregory Crewdson Photographs, c. 2000 and Peter Hujar, Vintage Photograph, 1989.


Robert Mapplethorpe, Three Portraits of Ron Stevens, Unique Triptych in Artist’s Frame, 1978

Price Realized
$ 18,000


Jack Pierson, Eric’s Back, 1993, Large Scale Color Photograph

Price Realized
$ 9,600


J. Bernard, Through the Keyhole, Oil on Wood Board

Price Realized
$ 8,940


Six Signed Gregory Crewdson Photographs, c. 2000

Price Realized
$ 6,300


Peter Hujar, Vintage Photograph, 1989

Price Realized
$ 6,300

Other notable lots include:

Andy Warhol (American, 1928-1987), Paris Review, Color Screenprint
$ 5,160

18K Gold Cuff Bracelet, c. 1980
$ 6,300

Two Duane Michals Photographs, Rene Magritte and Reclining Figure, 1965 – 1968
$ 3,960

Antonio Frilli (Italian, 1860-1920), Nude with Pedestal, Marble, c. 1915
$ 3,600

Pair of Victorian Walnut Leather Upholstered Corner Club Chairs, circa 1860
$ 3,240


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Daniel Cooney presents John Mann and Brea Souders Exhibitions | Daniel Cooney Fine Art

Sale Highlights: Photographs by Daniel Cooney Fine Art

Daniel Cooney Fine Art and iGavel Auctions are very pleased to announce our new Online Auction of Photographs. The sale features photographs from the collections and estates of many prestigious private holdings such as the Estate of Dody Weston Thompson, and includes works by by A. Aubrey Bodine, Gregory Crewdson, Peter Hujar, Robert Mapplehtorpe, Edward Weston, and Dody Weston Thompson among many others.



Highlights include a vintage photograph dated 1926 by George Seeley. Seeley was a painter until he met Fred Holland Day who introduced him into photography. Seeley’s photography mostly consisted of landscapes. This photo is a great example of his work depicting a lake. This vintage photo is now available for bidding and estimated at $2,500-3,000. Click here to bid






Another highlight from the sale is a series of three portraits by Robert Mapplethorpe. His subject matter included large-scale, highly stylized black and white portraits, photos of flowers and nude men. These photographs are now available for bidding and estimated at $5,000-8,000. Click here to bid





An another renowned photographer, Gregory Crewdson’s work is also featured in the sale. The lot consists of six signed photographs of the artist’s subject, staged surreal suburban life scenes. These photographs are estimated at $10,000 – 15,000 and available for bidding now. Click here to bid

Daniel Cooney presents John Mann and Brea Souders Exhibitions


iGavel Auctions associate seller Daniel Cooney is now hosting two shows in their Chelsea, New York gallery, one by John Mann (“Folded in Place”) and the other by Brea Souders (“Film Electric”). The events were recently featured on The New Yorker. Below is an excerpt from the review:

Two photographers who take a playful approach to their medium make an entertaining pair. Mann turns colorful maps and globes into sly tabletop sculptures, which he photographs as if they were features of a miniaturized landscape: a road sign, a billboard, a spiralling off-ramp. His touch is light and poetic, with echoes of Joseph Cornell, and a similar blend of sophistication and childlike pleasure in materials. Souders scatters snippets of old negatives on shiny sheets of acetate, then photographs them as random collages—bright shards of color, some as wispy as blades of cut grass. Save for a few recognizable images, these are jazzy abstractions, funny and fresh. Through March 2.

For more information, visit Daniel Cooney Fine Art at

Sale Highlights: Photographs from the Archive of Dody Weston Thompson and Other Collections

For their currently ongoing fall auction, Daniel Cooney Fine Art presents an impressive archive from Dody Weston Thompson. The sale consists of images by Manual Alvarez Bravo, Imogen Cunningham, Clarence John Laughlin, Donald Ross, Brett Weston, Edward Weston, and Dody Weston Thompson herself. Lots are available for bidding through November 9th.

The photographs in lots 1 – 59 come from the collection of Dody Weston Thompson. Thompson’s engagement with West Coast photography began in 1946 when she introduced herself to Edward Weston after seeing an exhibition of his work in San Francisco. Soon after, Weston took her on as his assistant and taught her the technical basics of photography. She became an increasingly important presence in the Weston household, and in 1948 she moved from San Francisco to a building on Weston’s property at Wildcat Hill. As she honed her own abilities as a photographer, she assisted Weston in the darkroom and spotted his photographs. Her skills were such that Ansel Adams hired her as an assistant for a photographic trip to Yosemite in 1948. Dody was instrumental in the production of Weston’s Fiftieth Anniversary portfolio, and was also involved in the printing of the Project Prints.

In 1952, Dody married Edward Weston’s son, Brett with whom she traveled and photographed extensively before their divorce in 1956. She accompanied Brett to White Sands, NM, where they photographed and Brett produced the images ultimately published in his White Sands portfolio. Through Adams’s auspices, both Dody and Brett were sponsored by the Polaroid Corporation’s Artist Support Program. In 1953 Dody won the Alfred M. Bender Award for her photographic work. Her photographs have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the Chicago Institute of Design, the George Eastman House, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Smithsonian, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, among many other venues.

Born Dora Harrison in Louisiana in 1923, Dody, as she was nicknamed, was first introduced to photography by Clarence John Laughlin. As a teenager, Dody served as both model and equipment mule for Laughlin, a friend of Dody’s mother. Interested in literature and acting, she enrolled at Tulane University in New Orleans, then transferred to the experimental Black Mountain College in North Carolina. An early marriage in the last years of World War II led to a move to San Francisco, where she worked as a writer and researcher for the West Coast Office of War Information, and also as a riveter at the Kaiser Shipyards in Richmond, CA. It was in San Francisco that she first became aware of photography’s potential as a creative tool.

Edward Weston came to appreciate Dody’s skills as a writer, and asked her to write the preface to his book of photographs, My Camera on Point Lobos (1950). Dody was a founder, along with Adams, Minor White, Beaumont and Nancy Newhall, and others, of the groundbreaking photographic journal, Aperture. Her biographical sketch of Edward Weston is collected in Edward Weston Omnibus (Salt Lake City, 1984), and offers a heartfelt but clear-eyed portrait of the photographer.

Text credit
Sotheby’s Photographs Department, New York

This print is estimated at $2,000 – $3,000.

 Another highlight from the sale is this print for an ad, photographed by Margaret Bourke-White for R. Birdsall & Ward Bolt & Nut Company. Bourke-White is a widely recognized American photographer whose works were featured in many publications including the cover of the first issue of Henry Luce’s LIFE magazine. This print, bearing the LIFE stamp on its back, could be seen on the homepage of LIFE Gallery of Photography website. It is estimated at $1,500 – $2,500.

The sale also includes a print by Wynn Bullock depicting a man fishing on a beach. The talented photographer was born in Chicago and mainly took photography as a past time hobby. It wasn’t until 1948 (he was 46), when he met Edward Weston whom inspired Bullock into creative photography and made him pursue into the career. It is a great example of black and white photography at its peak years and it is estimated at $1,000 – $2,000.

Daniel Cooney on the Emerging Artists Auction

iGavel Auctions and Daniel Cooney Fine Art have been collaborating on Emerging Artists Auctions for the past few years. In light of the most recent sale, now live on the site through June 7th, we spoke with Daniel Cooney of the eponymous Daniel Cooney Fine Art about the Emerging Artists Program, and here’s what he had to say:

I initiated the Emerging Artists Auctions in November of 2008 soon after visiting Atlanta Celebrates Photography where I had been invited to review portfolios of aspiring photographers.

Laura Skinner, Samsung (Jess), 2011

Laura Skinner, Samsung (Jess), 2011

The banks had just collapsed and Wall Street was reeling. Many of us felt uncertain about the future and I was unsure how to navigate my business through the worst economy since the Great Depression. Traveling to Atlanta to spend time with artists and colleagues proved to be a well-needed reprieve to what I was dealing with at work. It allowed me to start thinking proactively and creatively, and thus the Emerging Artists Auctions was born. I was already hard at work with the first auction on the plane ride home. 

In addition to owning and operating a contemporary art gallery in Chelsea, I teach at the School of Visual Arts and at the New School.

Alex Wein, Untitled (Soldier 3), 2012

Alex Wein, Untitled (Soldier 3), 2012

I am often invited to critique and review portfolios at many of the local art schools and photography festivals around the country. I have been involved with iGavelAuctions for over eight years offering secondary market material to collectors. Combining the two aspects of my professional life seemed organic in many ways. The first Emerging Artists Auction generated significant interest and attention in the art community including blogs and online news magazines, and prestigious collectors started buying quickly. 

As the auctions evolved, they provided wonderful opportunities for artists and collectors alike. Young artists have very few opportunities to make their work visible and iGavelAuctions has thousands of registered users.

Jenny Riffle, Sorting Change, 2009

Jenny Riffle, Sorting Change, 2009

Collectors don’t often have the time or resources to meet promising young artists as I do, so bringing them together seemed a great recession–busting idea. Emerging artists who have never sold anything might suddenly be in one of the most prestigious collections in the country. And those collectors have the pleasure of knowing they have invested in an artist’s future and added something fresh to their collections.

Another advantage to all concerned is that the exposure can result in a serious career boost for the artist. I have given many solo shows to artists I met through the auctions, including Timothy Briner, Shen Wei, Jen P. Harris, Lydia McCarthy, and Maciek Jasik, and I have worked on placing the work of other artists in both private and corporate collections. The auctions serve as an amazing conduit for all of us, the artists, collectors and dealers.

Josh Poehlein, The Messenger, 2008

Josh Poehlein, The Messenger, 2008

Our current auction is our sixteenth and I only expect them to continue to grow and provide more opportunities.

So please support these emerging artists and bid!


Click here to view the Emerging Artists Auction presented by Daniel Cooney Fine Art and


Litchfield County Auctions’
20th Century Design, Fine Art & Antiques
Jewelry & Designer Fashion Sale Preview

  • Cartier Yellow Gold & Platinum, White and Yellow Diamond and Emerald Figural Brooch

  • Vintage Arne Jacobsen Egg Lounge Chair Model, by Fritz Hansen

  • Art Deco Diamond, Sapphire & Emerald Bracelet and Earrings

  • M.C. Illions Carousel Horse, Middle Row Jumper, Park Paint, c. 1910. One of several carousel horses in this sale.

  • Samuel Lovett Waldo, Portrait of Mrs. George Colgate, ca. 1835

  • After Henri Matisse, Nu (Nude), 1954, Maeght Editeur

  • Enrico Donati, Excalibur 5, 1967

  • Modernist Diamond, Emerald and Pink Sapphire Pendant and Earrings

  • Paul Klee, Kleines Bildnis mit vier schwarzen Vierecken 1921

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